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Jeff "Buttered" Kreines said:

Yes, but with less resolution.  I saw a test of "Clones" shown at NAB on
a Christie DLP projector.  I was in the second row.  Jaggies galore.  Not
a pleasant experience...  1280 x 1024 can't compare to a frame of 35mm.

Many projectionists and theatre managers on the http://www.film-tech Film 
Handlers Forum wholeheartedly agree with you.
Their motto has become "Film Done Right".

IMHO, when you have a bad film experience in a theatre, it's usually NOT 
the fault of the film, but rather "penny wise, pound foolish" cost savings 
(e.g., minimum wage / minimum skill operators, undersized lamps, poor 
maintenance) or lack of showmanship.


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