[Tig] Digital Projection

William Moore WmMoore
Fri Jul 26 19:26:58 BST 2002

Undersize lamps..humbug..Real men burn carbon!

On a serious note it is quite interesting to see the wide quality range you get
with digital projection (or for that matter digital TV broadcasts) depending on
scene content.  Some scenes - the ones they pick to show on the projectors at
trade shows look wonderful.  Others simply fall apart.

JSnopes at aol.com wrote:

> john.pytlak at kodak.com wrote:
> >IMHO, when you have a bad film experience in a theatre, it's usually NOT
> >the fault of the film, but rather "penny wise, pound foolish" cost savings
> >(e.g., minimum wage / minimum skill operators, undersized lamps, poor
> >maintenance) or lack of showmanship.
> Well, it can also be just a really bad movie, projected well... ;-)
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