[Tig] Digital vs. Celluloid: a Quote to Remember

Jeff Booth jeff.booth
Sat Jul 27 21:47:29 BST 2002

There used to be a PAL Bosch 'B' Format machine (used as a coffee table) at
4MC in London.

BTW if you have any obsolete tapes, there are a couple of guys in the UK who
have a few old VTRs in their garages.

Maybe (I agree, a bit off topic) we could compile a list (similar to the
'number of worldwide TKs') of who's got what in the obsolete VT formats.

For example, at http://www.lionlmb.org/quadpark.html is a museum of
Quadruplex machines (in Las Vegas).

Who knows, there could be money to be made from having the only IVC9000
machine in North America!

Jeff Booth
Operations Manager
Soho Images

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> And good luck getting old video
> formats like IVC 9000 tapes to play back today.

And speaking of segmented helical scan recorders, how many Bosch 1 inch type
"B" machines are still around today?

Kind of ironic when you consider that both of these formats were marketed
and used as "mastering" formats.

Mike Most
VFX Supervisor
IATSE Local 600
Los Angeles

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