[Tig] Digital Projection

Marc Wielage mfw
Wed Jul 31 04:21:52 BST 2002

Jeff Kreines <jeffkreines at mindspring.com> commented on the TIG list on
7/29/02 10:14 AM:

> What's the res on the Series 7?  And, how close are you to the screen?
> How big a screen?

You'd probably have better luck talking to Christie and getting the specs
from them on the DCP.  The website's at this URL:


While I would prefer not to go into the specifics of my observations in
public, I can say that any experienced colorist who has to work with a big
DLP for the first time will be fairly astonished by the differences between
it and a conventional Sony HD monitor.  The expression "oil and water" comes
to mind.

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  Hollywood, USA

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