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Jeff Booth jeff.booth
Thu Sep 5 09:29:51 BST 2002

I would have thought (given that by far the majority of overseas sales will
be SD 4x3) that 4x3 safe action/title should be the minimum requirements.
Titles may not be a huge headache, as long as clean backgrounds are

Yes, P&S is an option, but everyone needs to be aware of the 'talking noses'

Certainly (when the BBC went stereo on TV) there was a big emphasis on mono
compatibility. I think this should also apply in HD (at least until the HD
audience is greater than SD).

Jeff Booth
Soho Images

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Greg Dildine raises an interesting question (or at least I found it

When you are making programmes in HD, do you care more about making it look
good in HD, or is your first priority the audience - currently the bulk of
the audience - watching in standard definition?

Is it like the old days of radio, when you worked in stereo but made sure it
sounded fine in mono? I remember being at university nearly 30 years ago (I
wish I had not just typed that), and attending a guest session from a senior
producer at BBC Radio 3, the classical music station. Someone asked him if
he worried about mono compatibility, and his reply was to the effect that
"If they are listening to serious music, it is a reasonable assumption that
they are listening to it on a serious hi-fi system, in stereo."

So, aspect ratio apart, are there considerations for standard definition
compatibility, and do they affect shooting and post production?

Dick Hobbs

PS For anyone attending IBC next week, I am chairing a conference session on
practical experiences of HD, on Friday afternoon, and another on digital
cinematography with Allen Daviau ASC

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