[Tig] a tale of woodstock.

Rob Lingelbach robling
Wed Sep 11 00:33:57 BST 2002

this isn't completely relevant to telecine, but because it sort
of all came down today, 33 years after it happened.  I thought it
might interest some tig'ers who might have been there, or, if
anyone knows Albert Goodman or Ray Shackelton please let me know.

anyway, here's the story:

My boyhood chum Jim Uhl and I were together in a band with Ray
Shackelton at Woodstock just before the festival in 69.  I left
to go back to North Carolina where I was in a different band
("the School of the Mind", with Michael Colina) and Jim and Ray
went to the festival.  They got onto the stage and were mere
footsteps away from Hendrix, et al.  There was a tape, a b+w
video, shot by a guy, Albert Goodman, who was our benefactor at
Woodstock, giving us his property for use that summer.  

Jim has been looking for that tape for 30 years, because before
or after the Hendrix footage Albert turned the camera 90 degrees
and shot Jim playing while the stage was being reset.  Jim
recently mentioned it to me, that he had been looking for Albert
and the tape, and last week while I was reading a newsletter of
the Assn of Moving Image Archivists I saw a blurb about one
Albert Goodman having sold, to the Jimi Hendrix estate, a b+w
tape of Hendrix for $95,000, this year.  I called Jim and he
found Goodman based on the location of the story in the
newsletter (Chicago) and Goodman is going to send him the tape.
incredible.  The story in the AMIA newsletter mentioned that
Albert G got on stage to shoot Hendrix by accompanying "a guy
with a guitar case."  That rang true for me because Ray got
himself and me into some concerts back in the 60's by asking me
to bring my bass along, and then bluffing his way into the venue
(this almost went very wrong at an Iron Butterfly concert when
the roadie said "oh that must be Dave's bass, I'll take it.")
And now Albert confirms to Jim that Ray was the guy who allowed
him to get a few feet away from Hendrix, allowing the tape to be
shot, allowing Albert to make $95,000 30 years later.  Albert
doesn't really need the money however, he's a philanthropist in
Chicago, with theaters named after him.

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So it turns out that guy is indeed our Albert Goodman.  I managed
to get his address from peoplefinder on the internet and wrote to
him.  He left me a phone message today that he remembered me and
would send me a copy of the tape with me at woodstock.  What a
strange and coincidental turn of events, He also mentioned Ray
and said he would call him.  I guess that was Ray with the guitar
case. .. Wow..  Anyway thanks for the information.  I'll send you
a copy of the tape when I get it.  Apparently Albert is now a
fairly well known philanthropist.  There are theatres named after
him in Chicago.  I remember he had money.  Guess it was more than
I realized.

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