[Tig] a tale of woodstock.

Rob Lingelbach robling
Thu Sep 12 06:05:23 BST 2002

On Thu, Sep 12, 2002 at 12:35:22AM -0400, JSnopes at aol.com wrote:
> >Bass, many of us started with a plain old Hohner or a Vox.
> Gibson EB-3!  (Well, it was my brother's...)  And a Silvertone bass amp 
> (wanted a Bassman or an Ampeg...)

hey you guys are breaking the relevance rule (telecine, that's
what we're here for.  think of the 1.4 people who are going to
unsubscribe with a snort to me about having to read this).  
Me: Hagstrom, Gibson EB0 (or 1, i forget), Rickenbacker; Ampeg
SB12, Haynes, Heathkit with Altec 811B horns, Sunn.  Band names:
the Gross Product, School of the Mind, the Cherry People (which
once had the guitarist Punky Meadows, who later formed the band
Angel, and to know about Punky, watch Terry Bozio's song about
Punky in one of Zappa's performance videos), Beacon Hill, High
Lonesome.  Viola in the North Carolina Symphony, and solo viola
in a play called "Arrabal" by the exiled Spanish playwright of
the same name in Paris early 70's.  Viola sometimes
reverse-amplified by mute on bridge.

I wonder if there exists any film of Fillmore or Fillmore East
concerts, and if so would it be retransferred soon for HD or the
(dreaded millenial superterm) digital intermediate?  I don't
forget the show I saw at FE of Butterfield, and the Blues Project.

snorting unsubscribers: consider the digest, or just congratulate
yourselves on having lives, unlike us who are writing this stuff.

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