[Tig] a tale of woodstock.

Dave Best daveb
Thu Sep 12 19:47:18 BST 2002

I got one also. I thought I was the only one. Dave
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> Hey!
> I still have my Hagstrom bass. It's old but still holds a tune.
> I keep new strings on it every 5000 miles!
> It would be interesting to take a pole of bass player/colorists,
> or musician/colorists.
> I was an audio engineer, live sound mixer for about 10 years,
> before becoming a colorist.
> When I am trying to explain to people what it is that I do for
> a living, I relate back to my audio days and make the connection.
> People seem to grasp the audio picture better.
> (Let's see----that makes the telecine tie in-----yeah!)
> David "DC" Cardinali
> Colorist, ex-bass player circa late '60's early '70's.
> Band name: "Rick and the Rick-O-Shea's"
> P.S. I had a Gibson EBO bass, too. I learned on a black Sears
>         "Silvertone" bass, with white vinyl edging. (I think it was
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> > Me: Hagstrom, Gibson EB0 (or 1, i forget), Rickenbacker; Ampeg
> > SB12, Haynes, Heathkit with Altec 811B horns, Sunn.  Band names:
> > the Gross Product, School of the Mind, the Cherry People (which
> > once had the guitarist Punky Meadows, who later formed the band
> > Angel, and to know about Punky, watch Terry Bozio's song about
> > Punky in one of Zappa's performance videos), Beacon Hill, High
> > Lonesome.  Viola in the North Carolina Symphony, and solo viola
> > in a play called "Arrabal" by the exiled Spanish playwright of
> > the same name in Paris early 70's.  Viola sometimes
> > reverse-amplified by mute on bridge.
> >
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