[Tig] developments in mergers

Dick Hobbs dick
Thu Sep 19 07:22:09 BST 2002

David Tosh makes the point that Millennium was an excellent machine in
concept, but that it was never finished in any real product form.

Looking on the bright side, this is where we find the logic behind the
Cintel/ITK union. ITK had some great ideas; Cintel has the infrastructure to
make it happen. It has a very well-run factory, an international service
operation, even a good technical publications department. We may forget all
these things at the moment because it has been so hamstrung recently with
the debacle that was C-Reality. Remember that huge chunks of the development
effort went into trying to make an internal six vector colour processor!

Like Neil, I may be na?ve but I do believe Cintel when it tells me it is
going to support Millennium. And having Stuart on board, working in
conjunction with Cintel's unsung genius Terry Mead, has the potential to be
very exciting for new developments.

Dick Hobbs

I have in the past accepted modest sums from both Cintel and ITK - and
Bosch/Philips/Thomson/Grass Valley and Pandora - for writing, but just now
recovering from IBC is my only motivation.

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