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Ken Robinson crash2010
Thu Sep 19 10:24:02 BST 2002

Which brings me to the bet.... As everyone is being controversial why wont I join in?
First of all, I am simply posting this idea, I am not taking credit for it. If the team want to be known they can let us know by themselves!
The idea is this:
1. Entries have to be before the 30th Sept.
2. The bet is a French Magnum of champagne (I have a feeling this could turn into one hell of a TIG party).
3. The question is: How many Milleniums or Millenium Lites will be delivered and paid for between 1st October and IBC 2003.
3a Negative numbers dont count. ie Even if someone throws one out it cannot be deducted from the delivered total.
4. Winner takes all.
5. As a tie breaker, a date by which your estimate will occur must be supplied. 
And if I am going to be the one to receive the orders, then I think I will create a new Yahoo account!
Ken Robinson
 Dick Hobbs wrote:Those who would prefer less volume
are welcome to change to the digest.
Further to my earlier post about Cintel and ITK, Rob asked

> did the debacle resolve, was the ham unstrung, - because
> in the world telecines list there are more than a few of
> them around.?

The answer to Rob's immediate question is yes, more or less (in my humble
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