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Ken Robinson crash2010
Thu Sep 19 16:52:10 BST 2002

I understand that the Vialta is now no longer a product. Could someone from Sony please confirm.
I didnt completely understand what you meant about old technology. 
The Spirit 2 looks like it will be great, but not cheap.
Specs that were banded about, ie I dont have it in writing:
2 seperate sensors for 2k and 4k, but FULL bandwidth this time.
A probability of spacial converter in time.
A possibility of 4k at 16 bit depth
8 frames a second at 4k, and 20+ (maybe 30, I have forgotten) at 2k. Using GSN.
A design that has changed to accomadate most peoples negative comments on the Spirit. For example cheaper and seperate intergrating cylinder.
So what about making your Diamond into a Rascal???? I mean it uses the same store as the C Reality. Or does that count as old technology as well? Then of course there is the Shadow, and a number of other conversions, re designs of CRT technology.
Ken Robinson
 Greg Dildine wrote:
Can anyone report on the CCD folks' showings at IBC: Sony & Thomson/Grass Valley? 

I've never really used a CCD telecine (an old Marconi doesn't really count), but I'm always interested in everything. I still don't understand why there really isn't a "next generation" Spirit TELECINE coming to market in lieu of their Spirit II "scanner" product. The Spirits like the Ursas are all pretty old technology now.

Still wondering what our choice will be for upgrading our Diamond to HD and beyond??
Greg Dildine
Senior Colorist
Finish - Boston
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