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Rob Lingelbach robling
Mon Sep 23 14:42:37 BST 2002

On Mon, 23 Sep 2002, Sebastian Sylwan wrote:

> Last time i saw Oscar's demo (or more appropiately "the product formerly 
> known with the same name as a hollywood award") i was told it was an 
> optical / electronic process, as you say. The operator though was showing 
> processed / unprocessed differences with a wipe. That lead me to thinking 
> that the main part of the process was electronic. When i asked the question 
> though, i was told no declarations were to be made about the technical 
> aspects of it...

reminds one a bit of the Wizard of Oz's line before the curtain was pulled.

so no pre- process signal available for easy shunting to cassette, maybe 
this would open the door to an aftermarket inline sensor comprising a 
rudimentary second gate, picking off the film's unaltered state for 
diagnosis.  Probably too difficult to achieve, instead you could just 
wheel in an older telecine and put the film up there before or after.

back in the days of 2inch videotape I believe there were machines lined up
with each other to allow the tape to be threaded through two head assemblies,
I think for delay purposes? I always wanted to try it but the idea of setting
oscillators and tip penetration etc. on two machines simultaneously wasn't 
appealing.  But the model could suggest two telecines with a loop of film 
between them for tension relief.  I know it's crazy but next thing you know 
you'll get a music video DP wanting to try it.

Has anyone ever taken two very different transfers of the same film on different
telecines and combined them non-additively or in some way so that the combined
image becomes completely new or original?  We were doing something like this 
with a black and white signal derived through one path combined with a color
one through a different path, simultaneously on one telecine.

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