[Tig] Fun with sugar cubes, cabbages and kings?

David Tosh dlt
Tue Sep 24 00:26:29 BST 2002

At 04:16 PM 9/23/2002 -0700, Bill Topazio wrote:
>wasn't the TH200A the RCA stamped BVH-1100A?  You mean to say one actually
>made it west of the mississippi?!

Give the man a cigar!
I think I put a TH200A in Third Coast in Austin Texas.

I'm not sure if Pacific Video got RCA badged 1100As or if they only had the 
1000 variant. (Ask Sam or Gary.) Action Video had several 1100As but even I 
can't remember what the name plate said. Maybe a fellow  Actionite can 
recall. Mr. Holtz?

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