[Tig] Fun with sugar cubes, cabbages and kings?

Robert Lovejoy rlovejoy
Thu Sep 26 01:47:21 BST 2002

Now to tie this together!
Hugh Waters wrote:

>I remember back in the late 80's working with the London colourist Bill
>Jordan at Tele-Cine Ltd to create some interesting effects on the FDL 60B
>had then. Amongst some I seem to recall that pulling the recursive filter
>board out of the (can't recall what type no) Bosch NR created a
>slow decay to the image and that it was used on one Elton John promo (what
>song? dont know but it featured a camera mounted low down on a car looking
>back towards the car (probably an old 30's style vehicle) driving through
>Paris at night ie car sharp but motion all blurry.

I got that same effect simply by turning the recursive filter all the way
up, and turning off the motion detector.  I offered the look to music video
clients, most of whom grasped its psychedelic nature quickly. (A few
actually used it!)   Thus we are back to sugar cubes, and the thread is now
full circle.

Except for the cabbages and kings.

Bob Lovejoy

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