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James Deluca james_deluca
Thu Sep 26 05:58:26 BST 2002

RE: ABC's choice of the (non-standard) 1280x720Px60FPS format.

I can't help but think that ABC was particularly wise in their choice in
selecting the 1280 x 720P x 60Fps format.
Remember, telecine folk are used to dealing with the film world. ABC is in
the television entertainment business. Distributing 60P material that's been
converted from film is not able to show off the 60P temporal advantage due
to the low 24FPS temporal rate of most primetime dramatic series produced on
film. But think how much more all that redundant frame data can be
compressed by the Panasonic DVCpro100 (aka HD) recorders and still look good
on playback. Furthermore ABC is very much known for its SPORTS programming,
which shot using video cameras at 60FPS. I can't help but think all those
instant replays that used to require the expensive super-slomo systems
(recording at 120 fps rate) will be less or un-necessary with hi-def 60P as
every camera/recorder combo is its own super slomo. Plus, I can't help but
think that 60P sharp & crisp video look will make them stand out
distinctively during sports programming. Its not just a 24FPS world.

BTW: isn't ESPN still a division of Disney/ABC? If so, their recent
announcement of significant hi-def programming may use that format to great
effect. If ESPN is no longer under the ABC wing, they may choose another
format, but I think that would be a mistake. That's my opinion!

Jim "not beholding to ABC or Panasonic" DeLuca
Crest National

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