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Down here in Brasil there are many clients doing music videos, and the
smaller their budgets, more they ask for any kind of effect done in the
telecine... So they can have something "different" while avoid PAYING to
do the job (since it happens quite often). 

I've done all kinds of things: from lifting and displacing the neg on
the gate while it is recording (a whole 1200ft lab reel...), scratching
it with nails, to these NR motion blur effects. This one is an old time
favorite. People still ask me to do this. But on the Ursa I really like
to mess with the tube scan sine (can't remember the exact parameter
name) and the davinci luminance / color negative effect sometimes.
Optical filters are just like John Travolta: sometimes they are cool,
then they are not, then they are again... Oh.



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on 26.09.02 4:02 AM, Terry W. Goins at twgoins at directvinternet.com

When I first started coloring some clients would ask for the same effect
for certain things.   Some client would ask me do you know what I mean.
I would often reply yes you want me to f---up your picture. I do not
remember any clients complaining about my definition. I guess Sam Holtz
heard me say it a time or two to many. One day he pulls me out of a
session and says to me Terry from now on we will call this random
persistence. He made me promise I would. Sam I have always kept my
promise. Now when a client asks me to f---up his picture I always say oh
you mean add some random persistence. I think they love it.


Terry Goins

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> Now to tie this together!
> Hugh Waters wrote:
> >I remember back in the late 80's working with the London colourist
> >Jordan at Tele-Cine Ltd to create some interesting effects on the FDL
> we
> >had then. Amongst some I seem to recall that pulling the recursive
> >board out of the (can't recall what type no) Bosch NR created a
> delightfully
> >slow decay to the image and that it was used on one Elton John promo
> >song? dont know but it featured a camera mounted low down on a car
> >back towards the car (probably an old 30's style vehicle) driving
> >Paris at night ie car sharp but motion all blurry.
> I got that same effect simply by turning the recursive filter all the
> up, and turning off the motion detector.  I offered the look to music
> clients, most of whom grasped its psychedelic nature quickly. (A few
> actually used it!)   Thus we are back to sugar cubes, and the thread
is now
> full circle.
> Except for the cabbages and kings.
> Bob Lovejoy

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