[tig] Re: [Post] Cable labels (was HDTV Colour)

John Willkie johnwillkie
Sat Aug 2 02:10:24 BST 2003

Here's an idea (and I thought was the standard): number the cables, with -- 
suprise -- the same numbers at both ends.  Enter the numbers into a 
database.  When the functional description of the circuit changes from, say 
"SAT 1 Vid Out" to "M/C Pvw Out" one just changes the description in the 
database, and never touch the label(s).

John Willkie

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>Subject: [Post] Cable labels (was HDTV Colour) Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 
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>At 8:47 PM -0500 7/29/03, Dan Stark wrote:
>>...How much or little information do you like to see on the labels?  I use
>>VidCad, and the amount of information available can make for some sore 
>I find that anything more than cable number and the simplest of description 
>("VID IN", "HD REF") can quickly become misleading and downright wrong when 
>the inevitable equipment upgrade comes along.
>Who _really_ replaces the cable label when you install new equipment? ;-)

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