[tig] Hollywood Gets Smaller

Marc Wielage mfw
Mon Aug 4 09:28:00 BST 2003

On 8/3/03 11:58 PM, "Dean Humphus" <dhumphus at pacbell.net> wrote:

> Mark Wielage inferred that Laser-Pacific is an "independent" when, in
> fact, it is publicly owned company and has been for some years.

Well, Laser-Pacific is independent in that it's not owned by another big
conglomerate.  So are the other companies I named, even though some are
self-contained corporations.

Me personally, I think the acquisition is great for us at Cinesite.  I've
said for a long time that Laser-Pacific is a company with a terrific
reputation and great people (and a good lab, too).  They were a formidable
competitor when I was at Complete, and I only heard good things about them
from clients.

Still, you missed my point entirely, which was that the Hollywood post
situation continues to change, and there's a big shift affecting who
controls what goes on in the business.  I suspect it's only a matter of time
now before every major telecine facility and audio mixing house are owned or
controlled by big conglomerates that own other facilities.  This will affect
the job market, and I see the number of opportunities for colorists
continuing to shrink.  And that's why I brought it to the attention of the

--Marc Wielage/Cinesite Digital Imaging
  Hollywood, USA

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