[tig] hd spots (again)

Jeff Booth jeff.booth
Mon Aug 4 22:22:07 BST 2003

I watched (most) of the concert on analogue terrestrial. My reception is
very good and it didn't look like it had been shot HD. Looked like very good
SD but it didn't look as good as the Albert Hall (again RW) gig (which *was*
shot HD).

But I could be wrong!


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Greg asked how we were getting on with compressed digital television in
Europe. Well, the first point to make (ie gloat about) is that it has been
compulsory for all commercials in the UK to be widescreen for two years now.
No stretching, no distortions: they are made at the right aspect ratio.

For this viewer, at least, compression is sometimes a problem, sometimes
not. The main channels use relatively mild compression. Relative is, of
course, a relative term when you are talking about 2MB/s or 6MB/s.

But watching the main channels on a 28" 16:9 screen in typical domestic
conditions I rarely have any worries at all. If you look for problems you
can spot them, and certainly the low bitrate channels look anything from bad
to dreadful, but digital television can look fine.

Message to European, or more specifically UK, readers. Did anyone else watch
Robbie Williams "live" from Knebworth the other evening? Care to make a
guess at how it was done? Or do we have anyone who knows how it was done. I
assume it was an HD progressive production, but anyone else care to comment?



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