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Thayer Howard Howard.Thayer
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A D5 VTR has 19 cables that have to be connected. In the heat of battle when
trying to get that "extra machine that was not supposed to be needed but was
needed at the last minute because we booked more VTR's than we physically
have" connected while the clients are asking "why is this taking so long?" I
for one do not want to have to go back to a database to find out where wire
number 189026378 goes. With the higher resolution you can get with smaller
fonts, it is easy to have enough information on the label to know a)where it
comes from and b) where it goes to.

I do agree that there needs to be one person responsible for keeping
everything up to date. It has to become a priority or and be strictly
adhered to or it will quickly deteriorate into a holy mess. I try (as often
as possible) to live by the rule that nothing gets installed until the
documentation is complete.


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Here's an idea (and I thought was the standard): number the cables, with -- 
suprise -- the same numbers at both ends.  Enter the numbers into a 
database.  When the functional description of the circuit changes from, say 
"SAT 1 Vid Out" to "M/C Pvw Out" one just changes the description in the 
database, and never touch the label(s).

John Willkie

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>At 8:47 PM -0500 7/29/03, Dan Stark wrote:
>>...How much or little information do you like to see on the labels?  I use
>>VidCad, and the amount of information available can make for some sore 
>I find that anything more than cable number and the simplest of description

>("VID IN", "HD REF") can quickly become misleading and downright wrong when

>the inevitable equipment upgrade comes along.
>Who _really_ replaces the cable label when you install new equipment? ;-)

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