[tig] Picture freezes!

Hans Petter Birkeland hans.petter.birkeland
Thu Aug 7 08:55:04 BST 2003

Hi all,
Here at NRK we have a Y-front telecine connected to a daVinci DUI. Now when
the telecine is in remote and I stop or shuttle, the picture freezes. This
means that I dont't have control over how far I have shuttled (the image is
updated every few seconds, but that is not good enough) and I can't adjust
the focus on a still frame. I can still do colorcorrection on a still frame,
because the freeze seem to be before the internal color corrector. Any ideas
what the problem might be? Everything is fine when the telecine is
controlled locally.

Hans Petter Birkeland
NRK, Norway

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