[tig] Colorist Wanted - Chicago

Sean McKee sean
Wed Aug 13 01:38:13 BST 2003

Hi All,

Screen Time Images, a company focused on classic and archival films and
their restoration, is looking for a freelance colorist to handle duties when
our Senior colorist is unavailable. All inquiries are confidential.

Must be familiar with a Rank MKIII and da Vinci 8:8:8 Renaissance pre-DUI
(the black&white screen), DVNR (with ANR, ASC, CSR, AAC and MSP
scene-by-scene control), Quickframe DDR, GVG 1000 Switcher, etc.

We are located in the Chicago suburbs, about 20 miles west.

Please call at 847-534-9000 or email me at sean at screentimeimages.com


Sean McKee
Screen Time Images
974 Estes Court
Schaumburg, IL 60193

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