[tig] TIG Administration Notes

David L. Tosh dlt
Wed Aug 13 03:56:45 BST 2003

I just noticed that old Technicolor addresses are still being 
delivered but since all of those locations are now answering to 
thomson.net domains, the reply-post hangs up waiting for approval by 
either Rob or me. I am willing to unsubscribe the old addresses and 
create a new subscription on request.

You can do the same by visiting the colorist.org web pages:
This is a two-step process, log on as your old address (you need a 
password), unsubscribe and then return to the above page and enter a 
new subscription. Your password is mailed to you occasionally (but if 
you forget it or can't locate it, just send me a note and I will 
unsubscribe the old address.)

PLEASE, please check your post before you send it:
   -- delete most of the quoted reply text. Pretend you are reading 
the messages on a PDA.
   -- If you reply to a digest, take a moment and change the subject 
line to match the thread.
   -- please turn off styled posting (HTML). I know Microsoft and AOL 
make this hard to do but I appreciate the effort.

David Tosh
<dlt at earthlink.net>

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