[tig] RE:Colorist Wanted-Chicago

Sean McKee sean
Wed Aug 13 07:26:56 BST 2003

I should probably mention before I get a slew of resumes from talented
people in other states or countries, that ideally the candidate would be
local to Chicago. The work is sporadic, and is 1-2 days a week, on different
days, times, etc., with no set schedule, although the job would be ongoing
and regular every week. As much as we'd love a Hollywood colorist with some
big titles under their belt (thanks for the resumes so far...) it probably
is not worth somebody's time to fly out here from the coast on call to work
a day or two a week.

Our current colorist is quite talented but works for us on a freelance basis
as we do not yet have daily work, although regular weekly work, but is not
always available on days that clients need to come in at the last minute, so
that?s why we are looking for somebody to fill in on those days.

With all that in mind, please send us your resumes and rates if this
interests you.


Sean McKee
Screen Time Images

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