[tig] techniques uncommon

Rob Lingelbach rob
Wed Aug 13 14:49:05 BST 2003

I'm interested in the use of the musical techniques of
crescendo and diminuendo for the amplification and
(respectively) de-emphasis of color or scaling of contrast,
as a function of time.  An example would be, at the end of a
piece, a gradual desaturation, a gradual change to another
color, etc.  The classical application is the fadeup and
fadeout, but so many other possibilities exist in the realm
of color control, and not only at the beginning or end of
films, but perhaps to emphasize a story point.

It also occured to me recently while watching a film made of
singers in a sound studio that there are benefits to
the energy that comes from standing up while performing.
Has anyone ever performed color correction standing up?

--Rob Lingelbach
Colorist, tig coadmin 

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