[tig] 3 perf - American pie?

Marc Wielage mfw
Fri Aug 15 07:41:15 BST 2003

On 8/14/03 10:02 AM, "Greg Dildine" <greg.dildine at finishedit.com> wrote:

> Also, it was unfortunate to see 2.35 Pirates (Pirates wasn't 3perf was it?)
> the next day at the same theater (Loews 20+ multiplex) on a screen much
> smaller than American Wedding.

I saw PIRATES with a buncha friends a week or two ago at the Disney "El
Capitan" in Hollywood, and man, it looked terrif.  One of the best-looking
digital intermediates I've ever seen (color-timed by Stephen Nakamura over
at Technique).

I noted that the El Capitan showed the movie digitally, I assume with one of
the newer Christie DLP projectors.  The transfer was great, though the
blacks were occasionally a little plugged up (a deficiency of the projector,
not the timing or transfer, IMHO).  And the movie itself surprised me by
being a lot better than I expected.  Great mix, too.

To answer your question about 3-perf, 3-perf cameras are still somewhat
rare, especially from LA and NY rental houses.  In LA, most of the 3-perf
camera packages are tied up 8 months of the year being used by all the
sitcoms shooting film.  I agree that if you're going to shoot Super 35mm
2.35, it makes more sense to use 3-perf for economy, but I think the
realities are it might be cheaper from a camera rental point of view to
stick with 4-perf.  Also, we do often use a lot more image area for the 4x3
video transfer later on, particularly at the bottom; a 3-perf image would
require a lot more pan/scan, along with more compromises in framing.

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  Hollywood, USA

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