[tig] IBC - scanners, & 2-perf

Chris Swinbanks cws
Mon Aug 18 03:11:02 BST 2003

Arri (& maybe Filmlight?) are supposed to have their scanners on show at IBC.

The Filmlight scanner is called Northlight, and they've just sold a bunch into a number of post-houses in the US & Europe
(Cinesite, Technique, Pactitle, ILM...) , including an Imax version.  Northlight will do 2,3,4, 8perf 35mm, (or 65mm
formats), and they are supposed to be adding 16mm capability to the 35mm scanner.  Northlight uses an 8k trilinear CCD
from Kodak.  A 2k scan is around 2-3 sec per frame.  2k & 4k 35mm test images I've seen are very nice.

Arri should be displaying their first production scanner at IBC.  It uses a 3kx2k CMOS sensor, with illumination provided
by led's, for creating "2k oversampled" & "4k oversampled" images from 35mm.
I've yet to see any images from this machine, and also waiting on feedback as to whether they can/will adapt for
2/3/8-perf scanning.  Some interesting concepts though.  I have a whitepaper on it and have seen the prototype, but no
images.....  They were hoping to achieve around 1 sec/frame for 2k scans.
Nothing on their web site about it yet, except for a "broken" link...

Re: 2-perf
Movielab in Sydney are supplying 2-perf equipment, and they have set up their lab to handle the 2-perf production

"Guy Baker GHMC." wrote:

> Also, were is the scanner market going? Will everyone
> be involved or just a select few? What are the
> expectations? Cost etc... What is acceptable 3 frames
> a sec, or 20 frames a sec? 2K, 4K, or 8K????? Also
> what formats?

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