[tig] mime-type filtering: what do we want

Rob Lingelbach rob
Mon Aug 18 15:44:28 BST 2003

On Mon, Aug 18, 2003 at 10:35:16AM -0400, Greg Dildine wrote:

> We have to deal with crappy compression from our cable,
> satellite, ota providers for imagery that screws up the
> pretty pictures that we all work hard to make each day;  AND
> now we have to have compression for a little bit of text on
> the TIG???!??!??!?!!?!?!?  This is ridiculous.  Rob, I don't
> think you need to spend time on this.  Perhaps you/we can
> simply ENCOURAGE the sharing of ideas!!  > 

I think it depends on your point of view Greg.  I spend zero
time dealing with crappy compression from cable tv because I
don't watch it.  On the other hand I spend several hours
every day communicating on the net and the extra html code
and superfluous attachments not only waste my time, but waste
resources-  my disk space, my memory on the server, the
archive indexing, and probably several other processes that
if I thought more about I could name.

I personally encourage very much the sharing of ideas and
post my own whenever I think of them.  

and there are people who are increasingly using small
handheld devices where screen area and text length are at a
premium, so we are addressing these new uses of the net...


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