[tig] mime-type filtering: what do we want

Greg Dildine greg.dildine
Mon Aug 18 16:08:39 BST 2003

Well, if you aren't watching TV then you aren't seeing the horendous compression that's happening to the imagery you're presumingly working hard on.  It's BAD.

I do understand your point about helping out the folks with the itsy bitsy screens, etc.  I applaud ALL your efforts to keep this group communicating and sharing ideas.

Perhaps, you could provide the "compression" service (as I'll call it) as a separate choice for recievers like the TIG Digest is.  You can do all the filtering you like to a post and then folks that have provided you with their email address and the request for the "compressed" version of the TIG, can have that version forwarded to them in lieu of the original.  Then we can all have it both ways.  Also, if someone thought they were missing something they could get the original when they got back to their larger screen.


Greg Dildine
Finish - Boston

>I think it depends on your point of view Greg.  I spend zero
>time dealing with crappy compression from cable tv because I
>don't watch it.  On the other hand I spend several hours


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