[tig] new ARRI Scanner

Bernt, Elfi ebernt
Tue Aug 19 09:55:20 BST 2003

Hi everyone,
just saw the e-mails on the TIG and thought it might be a good opportunity
to give you some info on the new scanner that we develop here at ARRI..
(Rob, no marketing blah, I promise :-)

We will show the prototype of our filmscanner at IBC this year. Release is
planned for 2004.
As Chris already pointed out we're using CMOS technology and LED
illumination and there are a couple of advantages for that combination,
especially concerning image quality and film safety.
We use a 3kx2k sensor to generate 2k oversampled and 4k oversampled images. 
For the 4K part: We are utilizing a certain technique that we call
'microscanning'. This basically shifts the sensor around the film frame and
'grabs' more image information / resolution. With that method we get a 6k
image that we downsample to 4k..

We haven't given out test images at earlier development stages, because ARRI
and the internal quality management really takes care of delivering
brilliant image quality, and we're now ready to show it at IBC !  We will
have a lot of images for you to look at..... 

Alright, there's a lot more to say about the new ARRI scanner, if you are
interested in specific issues, please send me a mail. I'll be happy to
Oh, concerning the scanner link on our web page, it's not broken... it's
more like a teaser for people to start asking questions :-)
No, seriously, this link will be activated soon, maybe even before IBC.

So, hope to see you all at IBC,
or send me a mail, so I can answer particular questions.

Kind regards

Elfi Bernt
Product Manager Filmscanner - Digital Systems
Arnold & Richter Cinetechnik GmbH 
Tuerkenstrasse 89 
D-80799 Munich 
phone: +49 89 3809 1551 
fax:        +49 89 3809 1433 
eMail: ebernt at arri.de
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