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"Political will lacking" is a pretty good descriptor of the current situation.  

There have been several heated debates on the AMIA Listserv  (Assoc. of Moving Image Archivists www.amianet.org) that basically revolved around the lines of "electronic vs. photochemical" where each party abhors using the other's technology to archive the information.  

Frankly, until there is a real archival digital format, I don't see why 35mm b&w film couldn't be used for extra long archival storage.  Those who object to the "purity" of storing electronic signals on celluloid are, IMHO, strange.  

Hey, I will gladly store "The Great Train Robbery" on digital files, why won't you store "Mr. Rogers" on 35mm film as a binary code?  ;-)

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> As B&W silver based film is one of the most stable recording 
> mediums available how about a systen to record digital data 
> onto it for long-term archive of DI information?
> It is easily possible to pack more digital information onto a 
> small role of microfilm than its analogue equiv., especially 
> in colour form.
> I know Kodak and Arri have discussed such a solution in the 
> past, and so did we when I was Tech. Director of Cintel, so 
> has anyone made any further advances in its development, or 
> is political will lacking just like with digital projection???
> Steve
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