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Richard Torpey rtorpey
Tue Aug 19 17:30:14 BST 2003

Hi Chris,
I've used the Snell's in the past with good results - an advantage is
that they make it easy to set up a dual mode (HD/SD) suite and they
include built in still stores. They also have smaller models available
if you don't need the SS function.

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TIG TWiki collaborative project is at http://tig.colorist.org. 
Craig Nichols was the last contributor to the TIG, 2 months ago.

We're looking into a new HD/SD switcher and hoping for
some recomendations .  We're a boutique with just our
telecine suite and an IQ, so a 4 input swither will do
the trick.  Thanks.

Chris Martin
Colorist, Retina, San Francisco 

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