[tig] TIG commercial announcement policy, etc.

Rob Lingelbach rob
Wed Aug 20 15:11:46 BST 2003

the following is important for all TIG subscribers, please
read the entire message when you have a few moments, thank
--the administrators

part I  -- from Dave Tosh, coadministrator of the TIG

The TIG internet-wide mailinglist is intended to further the
knowledge and skills of subscribers working in the fields of
telecine, video transfer to film, color correction, and
related enterprises [*]. All postings will be read by a
community of more than a thousand souls whose knowledge,
experience and contributions to the community may exceed
yours. All discussion of relevant topics is welcome.

You will be censored by the TIG administrators and your
peers if you are blatantly promotional of either yourself or
your employer's product. When posting any item that may
directly benefit yourself consider if the contribution to
the general knowledge of the group outweighs the benefit to
you. If it benefits you more than the group, the TIG is not
the correct forum for your announcement.

If you have any doubt about the wording, the tone and the
perception of your post, read it aloud. If you still have
any doubts, send a preview to the TIG administration address
(tig-admin at colorist.org). We will help you find an
acceptable way to contribute your knowledge and experiences
to the community.

Direct announcements of offers to buy or to sell equipment
or services must be arranged with the TIG administration.
Any offer of equipment for sale posted directly to the TIG
list will result in immediate public censure and probably
cause your removal from the list of subscribers.

Help wanted advertisements are always welcome, however.

   The TIG focus is hard to describe but I like to think
that our current subscribers know why they  subscribe.  The
current focus seems to be roughly described as the interface
between film images and all electronic display or creation
of film images. The technical and artistic methods and
skills are discussed on the TIG in the spirit of creating
more exciting and compelling images. Sometimes we discover
common Off Topic (OT) subjects that are fun to discuss
because of the shared experience resulting form that brief
detour.  The TIG community will always try to maintain high
relevance to postings and even steer OT threads back into
the film / video interface world-- just to prove it can be
-- Dave Tosh, coadministrator of the TIG 
<dlt at earthlink.net>

part II  -- from Rob Lingelbach, coadministrator founder TIG

  in this 10th year of the TIG we are going to try to
liberalize a little our policies on posting potentially
commercial information.  Dave explains it very well above
that we are going to try to allow more information from
manufacturers but still not have the list turn into a
marketing extravaganza.  The key word in his sentence above
is "blatant".  As always we also encourage that you state
your affiliation with whatever commercial entity you
represent, for clarification.   

I should also emphasize that anyone who can use the TIG to
their advantage is encouraged (in the case of manufacturers,
quasi-required) to make a donation (information at the
bottom of every posting).  The machine on which it runs is
at a US University where it can take advantage of 3 T1
lines, backup power, and administrative tools.  In return
for that I work for the faculty of that university in
administering several domains and services for which I am
unpaid, except through TIG contributions.  It amounts to
roughly 10 hours per week in my spare time.  So make a
donation if you're not in financial trouble.

and don't forget the TWiki pages, at tig.colorist.org, they
are a very powerful tool, we will be enriching them

Thanks as always to Dave Tosh, Rich Torpey, Dwaine Maggert,
Bill Topazio and others for making this juggernaut a cool

--Rob Lingelbach  TIG coadministrator, founder 1994
rob at colorist.org

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