[tig] Daddy's Boy (HDcam to 35mm 2.35)

Rob Lingelbach rob
Mon Dec 1 17:32:42 GMT 2003

On Sun, Nov 30, 2003 at 02:25:45PM -0000, Steve Shaw wrote:
> I have tried this but I don't like the increased blacklevel noise it
> introduces.
> With filters I can also set the attenuation to a level I require, not a
> factory setting.

that?s a good reminder about front-end attenuation versus
back-end (f-e = in production, b-e = post production) which
applies as well to the reproduction of radio frequency waves
and audio frequency waves: overload conditions and
distortion are best avoided by use of attenuation of the
signal at the stage of entering the capture device.  When I
lived in the Hollywood Hills and was DXing 15 meters to the
South Pacific a certain signal was flooring the meter and
the front end of my receiver, and a little investigation of
callsigns revealed the address of the amateur operator who
turned out to be on the next hilltop.  But some judicious
use of the RF attenuator prevented flooding the front end.

(apologies to engineers who learn this in eng101)

Rob Lingelbach kb6cun
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