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Redmond Ian Ian.Redmond
Thu Dec 4 12:14:25 GMT 2003

A big thank-you to Graham and Amo for another great Sprocket Hole Club party!
Ian Redmond, Simon Wilkinson & Mike Griffith.
Technicolor Creative Services.

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All set for Wednesday night December 3rd.. ... the poshest Sprocket Hole Club party ever !!
Pitcher and Piano, 67-70 Dean St. London  7pm onwards
Sponsors are:-   in no particular order, Da Vinci, Ice Film (Aaton), Kodak, Cintel, Thomson, San Lab -via- Sprockets(telecine) Ltd, Axe Online, Amo 1900 Productions, Tangent Devices, Hardware Creations, RTI, Frontniche, VMI and Brimar.
bring a business card to enter the draw !! 
anyone wanting tickets contact myself or Amo
Graham Collett
Sprockets(telecine) Ltd

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