[tig] Baird photo, source

peter swinson peter_swinson
Fri Dec 5 00:37:15 GMT 2003


Jeff did a pretty good job cleaning up the image of Baird.

Thought you might be interested in the source.

A glass plate negative 4"x3" with the emulsion lifting and reticulated.
Placed on a flatbed scanner with weights to hold it flat. No I did not sit
on it!
Photoshopped to death just to get a reasonable image.

The latest "Machinery" images were from excellent b/w prints.

Soon to be added, photos of Baird's Spotlight camera & a third system once
I work out how to describe it!

BTW .The BBC ran a 45min programme about Baird earlier this week which
included glimpses of both the 35mm telecines and the intermediate system.
It also went into detail about his other inventions, Parts of  Radar, Mine
detectors, Color TV Display tube and color tv camera & projection.

I really must get back to the present, anyone tried a Nipkow disk at 4K ?

best regards

Peter Swinson

Peter Swinson Associates Ltd 

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