[tig] Baird photo, source

Rob Lingelbach rob
Fri Dec 5 17:31:38 GMT 2003

On Thu, Dec 04, 2003 at 07:37:15PM -0500, peter swinson wrote:

> Soon to be added, photos of Baird's Spotlight camera & a third system once
> I work out how to describe it!

excellent, great research, and just as valuable as the bubble
rise-rate experiments in swinsonian space i believe.

> BTW .The BBC ran a 45min programme about Baird earlier this week which
> included glimpses of both the 35mm telecines and the intermediate system.
> It also went into detail about his other inventions, Parts of  Radar, Mine
> detectors, Color TV Display tube and color tv camera & projection.

most colorists would appreciate the mine detector for how it
could be engaged for sessions.

Rob Lingelbach
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