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Steve Hullfish steve.hullfish
Tue Dec 9 20:59:23 GMT 2003

In another interesting trick on focusing one's eyes. I did a video for an office furniture company that
put computer monitors UNDER desks. Their claim was that our eyes are designed to focus at short distances
better when you are looking down, like at your feet or at something in your hands, and better at focusing
at long distances when looking up, like at a far away tree or a mountain.

As "proof" of this, they did a demonstration of looking at a business card held near your chest so you
are force to look down at it. Move the card as close to your eyes as possible while still keeping it in
focus looking down. Then try to maintain that same distance from your eyes, but hold it level or above
your eye level and you can't focus on it as closely as you could when it was help low.

Their point was that it's much less strenuous on your eyes to have monitors that are set so you have to
look down at them instead of up.

Rob Lingelbach wrote:

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> On Mon, Nov 03, 2003 at 09:52:39AM +0000, Adrian Thomas wrote:
> >
> > I thought that squinting improved your focus by simply further
> > "stopping down" your iris. I've always found that you could get a
> > similar pinhole effect by looking between a very small opening in your
> > fingers. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that you're not squashing your eyeball
> > when you squint.
> this question still is unresolved for me Adrian, Dave
> Pickett posted here that he concurred with me that the
> squinting changes the shape of the eyeball, which we know
> changes focus.  I did some experiments today with squinting
> and with just stopping down the light entering the eye and
> they both seem to affect my ability to focus at a distance.
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