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Greg Dildine greg.dildine
Thu Dec 11 14:47:54 GMT 2003

I endorse your thought of a 36" CRT.  In fact I recommend 4:3 for now.  I have a 2 yr old Sony WEGA 36" XBR.  It was their top model at the time.  It's HD "ready" meaning it accepts 1080i (even autoswitches between 1080 & 480  on same component input from cable box) yet has no HD tuner.  I don't need the tuner for HD as Comcast's Motorola set-top box  provides the 1080i (only 1080i; must be "converting" ABC's 720 & Fox's 480p to 1080i) out for all (7 channels) of their HD offerings.  (WEGA even has 2nd 480p component IN for my progressive DVD as well. )  I went with the 4:3 'cause 90+% of tv is still 4:3.  AND, the screen height of 16:9 on the 36" 4:3 is the same as the screen height on the largest 16:9 CRT offerings.  I also hate stretching 4:3 to 16:9 more than I hate shrinking 16:9 onto a 4:3 monitor!!   I do sometimes wish for a larger image size especially for 2.35 films like LOTR; but my last trip to Best Buy convinced me that CRT is still the best looking picture.!!  Especially since I work all day looking at a $35K CRT!!  

Obviously your viewing distance will be an important consideration.  Quality-wise I still prefer the CRT rear-projection TVs for larger; if you can tolerate their overall physical size and viewing angle limitations.  Plasma's look sexy as a piece of furniture in the room, but their picture is much too noisy for my tastes.  Plasma's noise can be reduced if you are viewing with a MINIMUM viewing distance that prevents one from seeing all that dancing crap.  All other technologies besides CRT look better if you don't get too close.  This is very odd, as with CRTs the picture always looks better the closer you get (unless you get TOO close).

Certainly lots to analyze and compare.  It's in the eye of the beholder and the beholder's budget!

Good luck.

Greg Dildine
Finish - Boston
greg.dildine at finishedit.com

On Wednesday, December 10, 2003 10:49 PM, Mark Quod <markq at primepost.com> wrote:
>I know this is a bit off topic, but I am in the market for a
>new TV at home.? I was wondering thoughts you guys had on what
>kinds are good or not good--image quality being most important
>not bells and whistles.? Sometimes it's hard to read between
>the marketing?gimmicks lines.? I'm leaning towards getting a 36"?CRT television.

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