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Richard Ford richard.ford
Fri Dec 12 11:36:25 GMT 2003

CRT's still rule! Well maybe they do still for now but LCD is coming on.

Plasmas are much heavier and get too hot generally - and susceptibility
to screen burn is terrible. DVD's and anything MPEG2 look variably
somewhere between passable from a distance to absolutely bloody awful on
them, although I think the manufacturers could get better results in
this department if they took care with the filtering algorithms.
Experience shows that very often a coded analog signal (Y/C at least)
looks better on a plasma than component - presumably due to some analog
"interpolation" and softening of the edges!- dependent of course on your
source material.

The main problem with LCD's as with DLP projection at the moment is the
blacks - but they are getting there slowly.

Having said all this, if I wanted a new big telly right now I'd get a
CRT one - on the assumption that next time I'll be able to get one that
will hang on the wall without pulling the wall down, and that doesn't
stay switched off because I can't bare to look at the blocky, solarized
and burnt picture of an evening or ruing the loss of shadow detail after
staring at proper Grade 1's during the day.


Mark Quod wrote:

> I know this is a bit off topic, but I am in the market for a new TV at
> home.  I was wondering thoughts you guys had on what kinds are good or
> not good--image quality being most important not bells and whistles.
> Sometimes it's hard to read between the marketing gimmicks lines.  I'm
> leaning towards getting a 36" CRT television. Thanks,Mark
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