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Andreas Wider√łe Andersen andreas
Fri Dec 12 12:11:54 GMT 2003

Would anyone care to comment on 50hz vs 100hz TVs? (pros/cons)



At 11:36 12/12/2003 +0000, Richard Ford wrote:

>CRT's still rule! Well maybe they do still for now but LCD is coming on.
>Plasmas are much heavier and get too hot generally - and susceptibility to 
>screen burn is terrible. DVD's and anything MPEG2 look variably somewhere 
>between passable from a distance to absolutely bloody awful on them, 
>although I think the manufacturers could get better results in this 
>department if they took care with the filtering algorithms. Experience 
>shows that very often a coded analog signal (Y/C at least) looks better on 
>a plasma than component - presumably due to some analog "interpolation" 
>and softening of the edges!- dependent of course on your source material.
>The main problem with LCD's as with DLP projection at the moment is the 
>blacks - but they are getting there slowly.
>Having said all this, if I wanted a new big telly right now I'd get a CRT 
>one - on the assumption that next time I'll be able to get one that will 
>hang on the wall without pulling the wall down, and that doesn't stay 
>switched off because I can't bare to look at the blocky, solarized and 
>burnt picture of an evening or ruing the loss of shadow detail after 
>staring at proper Grade 1's during the day.
>Mark Quod wrote:
>>I know this is a bit off topic, but I am in the market for a new TV at 
>>home.  I was wondering thoughts you guys had on what kinds are good or 
>>not good--image quality being most important not bells and 
>>whistles.  Sometimes it's hard to read between the marketing gimmicks 
>>lines.  I'm leaning towards getting a 36" CRT television. Thanks,Mark
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