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Jeff Booth jeff.booth
Sun Dec 14 09:44:46 GMT 2003

3 perf has an aspect ratio of 1.78:1. That means the 4 perf material will
also have to be framed 1.78 as well. The only thing you will not be able to
do is cut the negative (because the 3 and 4 perf cannot be mixed on the same
roll, as you cannot project it).

If you are finishing on tape, then no problem. Assuming you have punched the
negative and are referencing the hole punch to a known timecode, then the
EDL doesn't care how many perforations there are to a frame as a frame of
film = a frame of timecode (if you have transferred everything at 25fps).

Let me know how you get on.

Jeff Booth
Soho Images

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Hi all,
I am starting work on a commercial that was partially shot on 3 perf 35mm
(the camera broke down mid way and they had to finish on 4 perf). I have
never worked with 3 perf before so I would appreciate some input about
possible pitfalls that I might encounter. Are there any
sizing/framing/timecode issues that I should be aware of? Should I expect
any problems with mixing 3 perf /4 perf?
I am running a spirit with a 2k davinci and this is for pal broadcast.
Any help would be appreciated.
Martin Wells
Stockholm Post Production

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