[tig] Digital Screening of "Once upon a Time in Mexico" in Hollywood

Bill Hogan billhogan1
Mon Dec 15 08:21:24 GMT 2003

Jeff Kreines wrote:
That's unfortunate, really...  given that there are 4K film recorders, 
and all sorts of different film stocks to record on.  Was the film 
release badly done?  (I haven't seen the film.)
I thought that the film release was badly done.  The film prints had elevated
black levels and poor color rendition compared to the Digital Cinema
Presentation.  (Rumor has it that the "incorrect" LUTs (Look Up Tables) were
used on the film recorders.) And of course lab practices and selection of print
stock is also important.  The selection of print stock and lab practice has MUCH
MORE impact on the prints than the film recorder negative or 2K or 4K film
recorders.  (No film out has been done at 4k for any release prints -- That I am
aware of.)

Regards, Bill Hogan

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