[tig] More MKIII Madness

lunarfilms lunarfilms
Mon Dec 15 18:47:00 GMT 2003

At 12:23 AM 12/16/2003 +1100, you wrote:
>TIG Optional Tweaker and Lifetime Achievement Award nominations
>requested.  Details at http://tig.colorist.org/twiki/bin/view/Main/TigAwards
>I wish you the best, Robert,
>you are obviously a person who can tweak..
>And a well tweaked Mk3 could surprise.
>If you sell all 4, does that get you an ursa?
>And a few less tweaks?
>disclaimer...I just use em...
>Peter Balfour
>I do not think all 4 (the 2 I just got are really just parts machines) and 
>the copuricus CC would even get me close to a URSA. I would prefer not to 
>have to tweek at all and get a new machine but we are just not in that 
>category right now. Cinelab is a small but good film processing lab in new 
>england (www.cinelab.com) we are just coming on line with transfer and 
>cannot afford better equipment.

Additionally I am a Film maker who is trying to bring TK more in house to 
reduce my capital expenditures and I do have some technical knowledge and 
ability (ex. I used to run a Scanning Electron Microscope at a job in the 
past) so right now it makes sense for to spend a little time getting these 
machines going because the capital is not there and we are not trying to 
compete with the hi end Boston market (there is a URSA and a Shadow in Boston).

One of my big questions is wether the Quattroscan is a better unit than the 
Digi4 it is 4:4:4 and the Digi4 is 4:2:2 so my initial assumption is that 
it is the better picture am I wrong?


Robert Houllahan
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