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Tue Dec 16 03:44:45 GMT 2003

At 10:01 PM 12/15/2003 +0000, you wrote:

>One of my big questions is wether the Quattroscan is a better unit than
>Digi4 it is 4:4:4 and the Digi4 is 4:2:2 so my initial assumption is
>it is the better picture am I wrong?
>   Sir,
>         There was a problem with quattroscans of some type in that some
>of them were not capable of running variable speed. They did not haver
>an aperture corrector and no chroma saturation control. The actual
>throughput of video is 6 of one half a dozen of the other.
>Digi422 also has an extra reference frame store for comparing different
>scenes or even sources.
>hope this helps
>The 2 machines I have an intend to keep running are as follows:

         Machine 1: Unimedia Turbo, new wiring, improved ground busses, 
Metaspeed, Digi4, Latest PEC head amps, a bunch of other mod's this is 
interfaced to a Cupurnicus 4X4 Color Corrector.

         Machine 2: Rank MKIII (serial no 308?) Substantially Original, 
Digi3, Recently upgraded PEC's and amps (by me), Interfaced to a Dubner 
Color Corrector.

I just went and got 2 parts machines, one is just a chassis more or less, 
and the other, I have been told, was a machine which was once property of a 
Cintel engineer who was retiring and then passed away. It has been in a few 
garages and the chassis is unfortunately not in as good shape as the 2 
machines I am attempting to run, but it does have many nice mods including 
the Quattroscan.

         I am currently trying to figure out what to do with the much 
improved electronics which arrived with this machine. I had the idea that 
the Quattroscan was better and newer than the Digi4 but I do need to use it 
with the metaspeed.

         I also had a question about the afterglow correctors on the 2 
parts machines they are (693's ?) equipped with a gain knob marked in Db 
and six pots arranged in 2 rows side by side. The runner machines have 806 
and 807d correctors.


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