[tig] FW: Telecine Internet Group ad for Freelance Colorist

Melissa Manzagol mmanzagol
Wed Dec 17 05:48:22 GMT 2003

University of Southern California, School of
Cinema-Television is seeking a Freelance Colorist to work
most every Monday night for the 16mm Film Production class.
Tuesday night sessions may be needed occasionally. Two or
more years Colorist experience preferred, applicants must
pass a background check to be accepted.  Students shoot
black and white daylight spool film most weekends of each
semester.  Transfer specs are 24fps MOS to DVCAM with
Flexfiles to prelabeled, provided tapes.  USC's Shadow
Telecine, DUI da Vinci and AATON reside in the Robert
Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts located at 3131 South
Figueroa in Downtown Los Angeles, USA.  If interested please
email resume' and cover letter to both
mmanzagol at cinema.usc.edu and gvannoy at cinema.usc.edu

Mellissa Manzagol
RZC #200

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