[tig] FW: da Vinci press release, "... Launches Master Colorist Awards Competition"

Clark Bierbaum clark
Sun Dec 21 23:21:12 GMT 2003

What if I did a flat grade with DaVinci and did the final data grade 
with the iQ? Often is the case.
Might be nice to get other companies to help sponsor the "award" as the 
tk world is very different place than a few years ago.  Clients rarely 
care about tools now, but only results and price - kinda like 

Clark Bierbaum
Senior Colorist / Finishing Artist
The Film Foundry
Charlotte, NC
clark at thefilmfoundry.com

Disclaimer:  I use DaVinci, Quantel, Avid, and FCP4.0 (on my Powerbook 
- may be the real future)

On Sunday, Dec 21, 2003, at 04:18 US/Eastern, Stuart Fyvie wrote:

> So Colourists who use Pandora,Quantel,Lustre,Symphony,Digi-grade or 
> any other platform
> are excluded from this award?
>  I always thought that talent came from within and not from a piece of 
> equipment.

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