[tig] Awards - The Academy

Greg Dildine greg.dildine
Mon Dec 22 21:11:44 GMT 2003

With more and more Colorists contributing to the imagery we see at the "movies," does anyone know if "The Academy" (AMPAS) has considered recognizing Colorists with and/or in addition to the DPs/Cinematographers that are recognized with their Best Cinematography award?  Is there already any technical award(s) from the Academy for "Color"/electronic image enhancement?  I doubt they'll add "Best Color" to their "main" award categories, but I would certainly expect to hear future Best Cinematography award winners acknowledging their Colorist(s) partner(s) from now on.  Would any Colorist that works on "features" admit to liking (caring) to be recognized by AMPAS for their work??  I've felt that most of us Colorists have been relatively content to be "behind the scenes."  Good size egos, yet modest ;>).

As far as da vinci's award competition goes, I say if they want to put on an award competition they're entitled to set it up however they see fit, and I certainly expected them to limit it to folks using their gear.  Of course as others have mentioned, it's true that it won't represent ALL colorists' work, but this competition appears to be for their marketing purposes.  Yet it may indeed provide some added recognition amongst our fellow Colorists.

Greg Dildine
Finish - Boston
greg.dildine at finishedit.com

Disclaimer:  I do use a da vinci 2K+, and the company I work for has paid lots to da vinci to afford (pun intended) me that privilege.

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