[tig] FW: da Vinci press release

Martin Euredjian ecinema
Mon Dec 22 21:47:29 GMT 2003

Steve Shaw, in a moment of confusion and temporary insanity, wrote:

> I'm sure Kevin is knowledgeable, and I know he's a good guy, but I have
never yet met a manufacturer's operator who can get more out of their
company's system than a real-world user.

When you get a chance, take the time to sit with Kevin in front of a 2K.
Having taken his beginer, intermediate and advanced colorist courses I can
tell you that he knows a hell of a lot.  As an engineer, having worked with
lots of colorists over the last twenty years, I'd say without reservation
that he ranks up there with some of the more capable colorists I've known.
He is a "real-world" user.

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