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Bob Festa bfesta
Wed Dec 24 19:48:25 GMT 2003

Tom Rovak wrote:
>I agree with Stefan Sonnenfeld about this issue. .

Scrooge chiming in here...I think you guys are missing the fundemental point
here. Colorists have been single handedly responsible for developing
daVincis product features from day one. I think if you looked at every
feature that has appeared over the last 10 years, you and I are responsible
for it's brilliance. Thank God we are not responsible for it's clumsy
execution. Exactly how many times have you met with these executives where
they asked you "what new features would you like to see in the next
release?", and sure enough a crippled version of it appears as if developed
by a blind colorist. (no offense) I can think of more than a few features
that I developed and I am proud they were not named after me.

If you look at the call for daVincis master colorist entries, it is just
another way for colorists to now become not only developers, but also Master
Marketers of daVincis products. Every NAB, daVinci has to put together a
showreel to demo their products, It's very thoughtful of them to think of us
colorists during this time of need. I personally think these guys would get
a lot more word of mouth and bang for the buck by addressing the annoying
issues that all of us have to struggle through on a daily basis. Yes a nice
showreel is wonderfull on the convention floor, but more boxes are sold by
what you and I have to say about the performance issues in the bar at the
end of the day.

The 2K is fundamentally a great workhorse in our industry, and hopefully
there are a few more good years to be gotten out of it. Here's my new years
wish list. Why not open up the Codex to the world (no passwords), post a
current bug page for all current releases, look in the mirror and list some
work-arounds, fix the gallery and internal TLC, and good, bad or ugly...how
'bout a suggestion page on your website.

Open systems live...closed ones die. You do the math.

Make next year bring colorists all of you the prosperity you deserve.



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